Woman Trapped by SUV Saved by Good Samaritans


On the evening of January 26, 2020, as a woman attempted to cross the street at Delancey and Norfolk Street on the City’s Lower East Side, she was suddenly struck by an SUV.  After being struck, the woman became trapped underneath the SUV.  Onlookers immediately came to her rescue and helped free her from underneath the car, once again showing the integrity and compassion that exists amongst the residents of New York City.

When the woman was knocked to the ground by the SUV, her ankle became trapped beneath the SUV’s rear tire. At a moment’s notice, Good Samaritans stopped what they were doing and helped free the young woman from under the SUV. The Good Samaritans worked together to partially tip the car over so she could free her ankle. Fortunately, the pedestrian was not known to be severely injured and didn’t appear to have any broken bones as a result of the accident, mostly suffering bruises, minor injuries from broken glass, and torn clothing. The driver of the SUV was given a Summons by the police once they arrived at the scene.

Fortunately for the pedestrian involved in this accident, she was not severely injured and was saved by the swift actions of Good Samaritans. However, this is not always the case and pedestrian accidents are unfortunately very common in New York City.

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