Why Safety Inspections Are Essential on Construction Sites


Safety Inspections are an essential part of keeping workers safe in any dangerous work environment. This could not be truer for construction sites. Construction sites see more workplace injuries and fatalities than any other industry. As such, it is extremely important that construction site owners and contractors perform safety inspections to ensure workplaces are safe. Here are just some of the reasons why safety inspections are essential on construction sites:


  1. Safety inspections are required by law
    • The most obvious reason to perform regular safety inspections on your construction site is simple: they are required by law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a number of regulations dictating when and how inspections should be performed, and both construction site owners and contractors should work to remain compliant with these regulations. Failing to do so can lead not only to potentially steep fines but an increased risk of injury to workers.
  2. Safety inspections help locate potential hazards on the worksite
    • Safety inspections can also identify potential hazards on a construction site, which might otherwise go undetected until it’s too late and someone gets hurt. These include potential weak spots in a building that may lead to collapses, exposed wires or circuits that may lead to electrocutions, or problems with a trench that can lead to a cave-in. With proper inspections, these hazards can be found and addressed before they result in injury.
  3. They identify damaged or unsafe equipment
    • Construction workers rely on their equipment to do their jobs safely and effectively. However, equipment can wear down over time, or suffer serious damage during the course of use. Safety inspections can identify worn, damaged, or otherwise unsafe equipment and allow for the equipment to be replaced before it results in harm.
  4. They can make sure scaffolding and ladders are secure
    • The number one cause of injuries on construction sites is falling injuries, and two of the most common reasons for falling accidents are scaffolding and ladders. Because construction workers often work from great heights, they must rely on scaffolds and ladders that are stable and secure. A safety inspection will enable construction site owners and contractors to discover and repair unsecured or unstable ladders reducing the risk of a fatal injury.
  5. They can help avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals
    • A number of the chemicals that construction workers use on site are flammable, caustic, or toxic, making them potentially unsafe if not handled properly. In addition, the containers for these chemicals must usually be carefully sealed to avoid accidental exposure, which can cause serious injury or illness. Safety inspections can reveal potential safety violations that can increase workers’ risk of exposure to these dangerous chemicals, limiting the possibility of harm.


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