Why Falling is the Most Common Source of Workplace Injuries


There is no type of harm more common in American workplaces than falling injuries. This includes people who fall from an elevated height, as well as people who simply trip or slip and fall while walking around. These injuries are often serious, with more than 240,000 people every year needing to take time off work from falling, and nearly 900 people dying as a result of their injuries. But why is falling such a common cause of workplace injuries?

  1. Dirty or cluttered floors
    • While many people injure themselves when falling from high up, one of the more common sources of injury is from people who fall while slipping or tripping over something on the floor. While it might be easy to laugh some of these injuries off, they can result in potentially serious harm, especially to older workers or those with certain medical conditions. Employers should make sure floors are clean and uncluttered to avoid these kinds of injuries, but they are not always as diligent as they should be.
  2. Lack of proper maintenance
    • Another important source of falling injuries comes from poorly maintained grounds. Damaged or missing floorboards, broken light fixtures, leaky pipes, and missing or loose handrails can all help to contribute to potential falling injuries. When employers perform proper maintenance, these should not be major problems, but far too many employers put off this kind of necessary maintenance until someone gets hurt.
  3. Lack of fall protections
    • Fall protections are a common site at most workplaces with multiple floors. These include guardrails to prevent people from accidentally falling to another floor, as well as safety nets to catch people who might fall. It could also include personal arrest systems to catch workers who are forced to work high up, such as construction workers or window washers. When employers fail to provide proper fall protection, it can mean an increased risk of someone falling and getting hurt.
  4. Lack of warning signs
    • Not every hazard can be easily repaired or removed, which is why warning signs exist. They may seem quaint, but warning signs do an important job of warning people of potential dangers, including potential falling hazards. When employers fail to use warning signs, or do not put them up promptly, they put their own employees at a heightened risk of harm.
  5. Failure to secure scaffolding
    • No industry suffers from the scourge of falling injuries quite as much as construction, and a major part of that is their use of scaffolding. These temporary raised platforms are used for all types of construction, and they are supposed to be properly secured before they are used. If they are not adequately secured, they may be prone to tipping, tilting, swaying, or even collapsing, putting workers at a high risk of an injury.

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