Why Are Electrocutions So Common on Construction Sites?


Electrocution is the fourth most common cause of injury and death in workplaces around the country, and the vast majority of those electrocutions occur in the construction industry. This makes electrocution a serious hazard for any construction worker using electrical tools or equipment or working around live power lines. But why is electrocution so common in construction, and what happens when someone gets electrocuted?

Why Do Electrocutions Happen?

            Typically, electrocution is a major threat in places where people regularly work around exposed power lines or wires, or when they are using energized equipment (such as power tools). Sometimes, they may accidentally come into contact with an electrical system when it is in use, resulting in an electrocution. Other times, they may accidentally cut into a live electrical line or wire unknowingly, causing them to be electrocuted. This can become an especially problematic issue when workers are performing work on a site that is not up to modern building codes, where unknown wires and power lines could be hidden anywhere.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Electrocutions?

            There are a variety of ways that electrocutions can be prevented. This includes providing people with insulated gloves and other equipment that prevents electrical current from traveling through a person’s tools into their body. It can also mean using specialized lockout or tagout systems, as is common for electrical equipment, to minimize the risk that someone will make contact with an energized circuit while it is in use. In addition, workers can be trained to handle electrical equipment safely, as well as to maintain other safety standards that minimize the risk of accidental injury.

How Can Electrocutions Hurt People?

            When someone is electrocuted, they can suffer a variety of potentially serious injuries. This ranges from burns at the site of contact, to muscle spasms or convulsions, to a potential risk of seizures. In extreme cases, a strong electrical current can even cause someone’s heart to stop, resulting in death. Electrocutions should, therefore, always be taken very seriously, and anyone who is injured by electricity should seek immediate medical attention.

What Can You Do if You Get Electrocuted?

            If you are electrocuted on the job, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you to examine your legal options and come up with a plan that suits your personal needs. The sooner you get in contact with them, the sooner they can get to work on your case and help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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