Victims of Medical Malpractice Receive $190 million Settlement


Johns Hopkins Hospital has recently agreed to pay $190 million in a medical malpractice settlement to over 7,000 female patients a gynecologist who allegedly took secret videos and photo of his patients during pelvic exams.

The culprit, Dr. Nikita Levy, was accused by co-workers of using a pen-like camera, worn around his neck, to capture images of his unknowing patient victims. After word of his use reached his superiors, Levy was fired in February 2013. Shortly thereafter, Levy took his own life. 

The class-action lawsuit against the hospital accused Dr. Levy of “harmful and offensive sexual” contact with patients. According to sources, and not surprisingly, the news of the perverse invasion of privacy devastated the female victims.

Indeed upon inspecting the shinned Doctor’s house, investigators were stunned to find "extraordinary amount of" images of patients stored on his home server, including images of more than 60 minors.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the preliminary agreement, subject to final approval by a judge, would settle the class-action lawsuit brought against Johns Hopkins.  Last fall, claimants alleged that the hospital failed to properly supervise Dr. Levy and should have known of his alleged misconduct.

Sources close to the victims have reported that many of the women still feel so unsettled that they’ve stopped seeing their doctors, and no longer feel comfortable taking their children for medical visits.

Other cases involving doctors who secretly recorded patients have also drawn big payouts, however none were as large as this settlement.

Medical malpractice can manifest in many ways, including misdiagnosis errors, delayed diagnosis errors, childbirth injuries, medication errors, surgery/anesthesia errors, and as demonstrated here, harmful sexual contact with patients as well as failure on the part of a hospital to properly supervise doctors’ conduct.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice of any kind you should not hesitate to contact a skilled medical malpractice attorney.  Our experienced Brooklyn medical malpractice attorneys will help you to defend your rights.