Uptick in Traffic Deaths


During New York City Mayor Bill Deblasio's campaign, he vowed to bring pedestrian deaths to zero by 2024. According to Vision Zero data from city hall, in the month of September, there were nine pedestrian fatalities and 816 pedestrians injured from car related incidents. Also, there was one cyclist death and 527 cyclists injured. So far for the year 2016, there have been 98 pedestrian and 17 cyclist deaths.


In early October, 73-year-old Anna Colon was crushed beneath an MTA bus in the Lower East Side. A witness stated that the body was stuck under the rear wheel of the bus and dragged for a few feet before the bus came to a stop. Ms. Colon was a mother of nine children, some of whom rushed to the scene. No charges were filed against the 27-year-old MTA bus driver.


A few weeks following this tragedy 58-year-old, Bella Krementsova an interpreter from the Upper West Side, was fatally struck by an MTA bus in the Financial District during the rush hour commute. The 63-year-old bus driver ran her over as she crossed Water St. around 5:45 pm. Her body was pinned under the rear wheels of the bus and dragged for five blocks. The bus driver who had been working for the MTA since 1977 was issued a desk appearance ticket for failure to yield to a pedestrian.


According to Mayor Deblasio's Administration, there is an uptick in traffic deaths due to daylight savings time and the lack of visibility. On October 27, Mayor Deblasio, The Department of Transportation Commission alongside the police department, and other committees announced a $1.5 million“dusk and darkness”campaign to minimize the amount of pedestrian-related deaths.


The safety campaign will include increased police enforcement between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. as well as handing out educational pamphlets urging drivers to be more aware and slow down while driving. The police department will focus on violations such as failure to yield to pedestrians, speeding, and the use of cell phones.


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