Textalyzer May Deter Drivers From Texting

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Recently, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated that the State’s Traffic Safety Committee conduct a study to see if accidents in New York State may be prevented by equipping police officers with a textalyzer. A textalyzer is an electronic device that is plugged into a driver’s phone in order to determine if he or she had been texting or using their cell phone prior to an automobile accident. According to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research, in 2015 the use of cellular devices by drivers led to at least 12 deaths and 2,784 injuries from vehicle accidents in New York State.  In addition, in New York State alone, 1.2 million tickets were issued for texting while driving.


Many believe that equipping police officers with a textalyzer will assist in determining the cause of a crash as well as deter people from texting while driving. While many individuals advocate for providing police officers with a textalyzer, others believe it is an invasion of their privacy, because allowing a police officer to connect your phone to the device violates due process.  Ordinarily, a police officer would have to have a warrant to unlock and search an individual’s personal cellular device.  According to Governor Cuomo, the Traffic Safety Committee will provide the results of the study by the end of 2017.  In addition, if the use of the textalyzer is recommended and found to have no legal issues stemming from its constitutionality, it will still have to be approved by the New York State Legislature.


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