Strong Winds Blow Over Tree, Damaging Car and Power Lines


On the evening of February 27, a tree was blown over in Queens as a result of strong winds. As the tree fell over, it collapsed on power lines, causing a localized blackout, while also crushing several cars beneath its mass. Although several homes are left without power and the area needed to be closed off as a result of a damaged utility pole, no injuries were reported as a result of the tree blowing over.

                The tree was located up on 88th Street in Woodhaven and collapsed late in the evening. The area was experiencing a windstorm at the time, with gusts apparently reaching as high as sixty miles per hour. The tree tipped over as a result, falling onto cars and power lines, and even snapping a utility pole in half. Utility crews responded quickly to the scene, warning away pedestrians and onlookers until they could turn off the electricity into the power lines.

                Windstorms are incredibly dangerous to be outside in, with many accidents occurring as a result of debris picked up by the high winds. Earlier this year, a woman in Flushing was killed by a piece of plywood that was blown off the roof of a building during a similar windstorm. While it’s not possible to prepare for every possible catastrophe, it’s important to take what measures you can to avoid injury in dangerous situations like windstorms.

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