Seven Common Reasons for Premises Liability Lawsuits


Premises liability lawsuits are among the most common types of personal injury suits in the United States, accounting for more than one tenth of all civil lawsuits. These lawsuits involve any situation where someone is injured as a result of improper care of the area in or around someone else’s property. Here are seven of the most common reasons for premises liability lawsuits:


  1. Slip and falls
    • By far the most common type of premises liability accident is the slip and fall accident, also known as a trip and fall accident. As the name suggests, these accidents occur whenever someone slips or trips and falls due to some defect on the property, injuring themselves. While they may not sound like a big deal, slip and fall accidents can result in potentially serious injuries, especially if the victim is older or has certain medical conditions.
  2. Falling objects
    • Sometimes the danger does not come from someone falling themselves, but from having something fall on them. This can happen if construction is being performed on a building and tools or materials fall down, or it can occur if the facade of a building is not well-maintained, causing pieces to chip off and fall. It can also happen during cold weather, when falling icicles can be exceedingly dangerous.
  3. Fire-related accidents
    • Another common source of premises liability cases comes about whenever a property suffers a fire. While the property owner may not have caused the fire themselves, they can increase the risk of a fire if the building is not up to code. They may also have other violations, such as insufficient mitigation measures or a lack of fire exits, which can increase the chances of injury in the event of a fire.
  4. Collapsing floors or stairs
    • Another potential set of issues can occur if the floor or stairs of a property are not well-maintained. In cases where the floor is damaged or weakened, it can give out under someone’s weight, causing them to fall and injure themselves. Moreover, in the case of collapsing stairs, it could also cause injury to anyone who happens to be on a lower floor beneath the collapse.
  5. Elevator/escalator accidents
    • While stairs can be dangerous, elevators and escalators can also pose their own dangers. Elevators can stall or break if not well-maintained, potentially trapping someone in the elevator for hours before they can be rescued. Poorly maintained escalators may have damaged parts, which increase the risk of slipping or being caught in the mechanism, resulting in injury.
  6. Swimming pool accidents
    • Another common source of premises liability injury comes about as a result of swimming pools, especially privately owned pools. When in use, pools should always be watched over by an adult who can rescue someone if they start to struggle, and when not in use, they should be protected to prevent someone from accidentally entering and hurting themselves. Failing to adhere to these safety standards increases the risk of injury to anyone in or around the pool.
  7. Criminal activity
    • A property owner does not need to commit a crime themselves to become potentially responsible for crimes committed on their premises. In any area where crime is common, property owners should have security measures, such as security cameras or guards, to help mitigate the risk of crime. If they do not, they could find themselves liable for any robberies, burglaries, or assaults that happen on their property.


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