School Bus Driver Charged in Fatal Accident


A man driving a school bus has been charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian and failure to exercise due care in the death of a ten-year old girl. The girl and her brother were walking to school when they were hit by the bus. They were both transported to the hospital where the girl was unfortunately pronounced dead.

               The school bus driver was a 61-year old man driving a typical yellow school bus down Crescent Street in Brooklyn at around 6:45 AM on February 25. The driver attempted to turn onto Wortman Avenue at the same time the children were crossing the street, failing to notice their crossing in time. As a result, he struck both children, inflicting an ultimately fatal injury to the young girl and significantly injuring her brother.

               When authorities arrived, the girl was already unconscious and had sustained “severe body trauma,” according to the police. Witnesses also noted the young boy had glass in his leg and was bleeding significantly. The driver of the school bus, which was a Department of Education-contracted vehicle, was taken into custody at the time of the accident, and he has been suspended from his position pending further investigation.

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