Recovering Compensation for Burn Injuries


Burn injuries are a serious matter that can cause devastating effects such as long-term health issues, disfigurement and even death.  According to the American Burn Association, each year 3,400 individuals die due to burn injuries.  The majority of these deaths occur due to residential fires.  Other causes included motor vehicle accidents, flames, smoke inhalation, scalding and electrocution.  The American Burn Association has also estimated that while 44% of admissions to burn centers result from fire or flame burns, wet or moist heat is also a risk factor causing 33% of injuries. 

Both adults and children can be affected by burn injuries.  They may be caused by various kinds of negligence and recklessness.  Negligence arises if someone owed you a duty of reasonable care, and the duty was breached.  In such a situation, the person who owed the duty could be held liable for your burn injury.  In addition, certain medications may cause burn-like injuries that can result in skin blistering.  In such instances, a medical professional may also be held liable for their negligence and malpractice.   

Burns are classified by four different degrees including:

  • First degree burns: affect only the first layer of the skin
  • Second degree burns: affect both the outer layer of skin and the skin beneath it
  • Third degree burns: typically require skin grafting and involve complete damage or destruction of the skin
  • Fourth degree burns: damage both the outer and under layers of skin, and also the tendons, bones, and muscle tissue 

In many instances, these injuries require extensive hospital stays, expensive surgeries, and ongoing care.  If the injuries arose due to someone else’s misconduct or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.  Contact an attorney who is experienced in representing clients with burn injuries.  Georgaklis & Mallas handles personal injury matters, including burn injuries throughout New York City.  Our firm has the highest affirmed Pain and Suffering verdict in New York State history for a burn victim. Call (718) 238-2400 or (212) 779-2400.