Police on Lookout for Queens Hit-and-Run Driver


Queens Boulevard has long been known as one of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in Queens, and unfortunately, another pedestrian found this out the hard way in late March. According to reports, a woman was attempting to cross the Boulevard early in the morning when she was struck by a driver. The woman was left in critical condition, and the police are currently on the lookout for the driver who hit her.

               The accident occurred on March 30 at around 8:40 AM. The pedestrian, a 59-year old woman, was attempting to cross Queens Boulevard when she was hit by a beige Toyota Camry, according to witnesses at the scene. The driver of the Camry reportedly got out of the car to see what had happened, before getting back in his car and speeding away down Union Turnpike. The woman was left alive but critically injured and was transported to Jamaica Hospital for treatment.

               Mayor Bill de Blasio started a program, known as the Vision Zero initiative, intended to deal with the rash of pedestrian accidents that have plagued New York City for the past few years. Because of this, accidents are down overall across the city, although places like Queens Boulevard remain problem areas for pedestrians just trying to go about their business. Despite Mayor de Blasio’s efforts, no program can completely eliminate risk for pedestrians, especially when there are careless or reckless drivers still on the road.

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