Pokémon Go Becomes Latest Distraction for Drivers


With drivers finding themselves more distracted behind the wheel — whether it’s texting, talking on their cell phone, eating, or changing radio stations — the newest distraction is the highly addictive mobile game, Pokémon Go.


In Pokémon Go, players use their mobile phones to go from place to place and capture different creatures. Some walk or run to “catch ‘em all,” but others think it’s easier and faster to drive to these spots; however, many drivers have found themselves in accidents and legal trouble. The Auburn Citizen of Auburn, New York reported that a 28-year-old driver was playing the game while driving. The driver was not paying attention and wound up crashing his vehicle into a tree. He suffered cuts on both legs and was later ticketed for using a mobile device while driving.


In Dane County, Wisconsin, two drivers suffered minor injuries after playing Pokémon Go while driving. According to Wisconsin Radio Network, one drove into a tree and another into a utility pole. Both drivers received citations for Operating While Impaired, as well as other violations. In Fall City, Washington, a 28-year-old rear-ended another vehicle while playing the game, according to KING TV. No one was injured. State Police gave the driver a citation.


Local law enforcement agencies have been warning drivers not to play Pokémon Go while driving. While these aforementioned incidents resulted in no injuries to anyone (except the drivers), there is a possibility that a distracted driver can cause physical injury to another person. If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Georgaklis & Mallas. They will afford you the representation you deserve and will protect your legal rights. Call (718) 238-2400.