One Killed, Three Injured in NYC Construction Accident


A construction worker was killed, and three others were injured, in an accident at a construction site in New York City over the weekend. The accident occurred on Saturday, July 18, 2020 at a building on E 36th Street near Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The building was being renovated by the workers at the time of their unfortunate accident. The accident is now under investigation by city inspectors, although no wrongdoing has been alleged.

               The accident occurred in the morning of July 18 when a section of the roof parapet fell onto the scaffolding where one construction worker was standing, fatally injuring him . Three other workers suffered injuries when debris fell from the scaffolding above to the ground below. Investigators from the New York City Department of Buildings say an investigation into the accident is ongoing, but no cause for the collapse of the roof parapet has yet been determined.

Notably, the building where the renovations were taking place was previously cited in an inspection in February of 2019, where it was determined that the façade of the building was unsafe and in need of repair. It was exactly this façade that the construction company was working on when the accident occurred. Neither the building site’s owner nor the construction contractor offered a comment about the accident, nor have they reached out to the deceased worker’s family, who is currently in self-imposed quarantine due to his wife testing positive for the coronavirus.

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