NYC Construction Worker Killed in Elevator Accident


A worker at a construction site in Midtown Manhattan was crushed to death by an elevator after apparently dropping his phone. The accident occurred on October 17th at around 3:00 PM, at a construction site between 29th and 30th Street in Manhattan. It is unclear what safety regulations, if any, may have been violated, and an investigation is currently ongoing.

At the time of the accident, the construction worker was riding an elevator up to the 33rd floor of the building, when he suddenly dropped his phone. When he reached out to grab it, he was apparently crushed by a metal saddle that protruded out from the elevator shaft. Firefighters were called to help, but sadly he was pronounced dead at the scene. The Department of Buildings has promised an investigation to determine what, if anything, might have been done to prevent this tragedy from occurring.

Construction injuries and fatalities have been rising in New York City, a trend blamed partially on increased construction throughout the city, cost-cutting by contractors, and a growing reliance on cheap, unskilled labor. These accidents vary in severity, sometimes resulting in workers losing months of paid work, and other times permanently disabling or killing the victims. Whatever the reason for the increase in accidents citywide, it’s very important that those who own and manage construction sites adhere to the safety regulations that are already in place and meant to prevent tragedies like those described abo.

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