NYC Begins Phase One Reopening from COVID-19 Quarantine


Starting on June 8, New York City began the first phase of reopening after the COVID-19 quarantine was imposed in March. The reopening, which began exactly 100 days after the first coronavirus case was identified in the city, signals a wind down of the strict quarantine procedures that have kept people at home for the past few months. So long as the rate of coronavirus cases continues to decline, the City will be able to proceed to the next stages of reopening over the next few months.

               The 2020 version of the human coronavirus, also called COVID-19, is the single greatest health crisis to have faced the United States in over a century. There have been over 375,000 confirmed cases and 24,000 confirmed deaths in New York alone, even with strict quarantine measures in place to limit the spread of the disease. However, with the rate of new infections in New York City on the decline, and with better contact tracing and infection control standards in place, the State has begun allowing the City to restore some of the businesses and services that have been restricted since the coronavirus crisis began.

               Phase one of the reopening process will allow retail stores to open with curbside pickups only, while construction work will be permitted to resume with new precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Manufacturers will also be able to go back to work, albeit with their own additional measures to protect workers from COVID-19. Other businesses will reopen over time, provided the rate of infection remains manageable.

               Public transit like the subway and busses will also be reopening for the public, with train and bus stations now equipped with hand sanitizer. People using public transit will be asked to wear a face mask while on board, and those without masks will be provided with disposable masks for their safety. Despite these measures, however, MTA officials expect the return to normalcy will be slow, with public transit use only expected to hit 20% of its normal ridership.

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