Naming the City Of New York as a Defendant in Bicycle Accident


In New York City, biking has become a widespread activity as well as a common method of transportation. Every day, approximately 450,000 bike trips are made in New York City. In 2016, there were 14 million rides taken on Citi Bikes by both tourists and locals.  With bike usage increasing across the city, many argue that the city has not taken proper measures to protect cyclists.  


While bike lanes help improve safety for cyclists, each year there are still numerous incidents resulting in serious or even fatal crashes. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), 50 miles of bike lanes will be added in the city each year. However, many remain unsatisfied with this plan because only a small portion of these bike lanes will be protected lanes. In addition, there are concerns about how the bike lanes will impact traffic or local businesses because the lanes slow down traffic.  


In 2011, 19 blocks of protected bicycle lanes were added on the Upper West Side.  Later, a survey was conducted that found that three-quarters of merchants along the path felt that the bike paths hurt their bottom line, due to lack of parking spaces for customers. While many New Yorkers continue to debate this issue, authorities have already agreed to increase bike lanes throughout Manhattan, which may have been spurred by a recent bike accident case. The City of New York was named as a defendant when a cyclist was struck by an automobile while riding across the Brooklyn Bridge.  


Plaintiff argued that the city was on notice that the conditions on the Brooklyn Bridge were not safe for bicyclists due to a number of accidents during prior years. The City of New York filed a motion for summary judgment, which the court denied. The court stated that a jury should determine whether the City of New York was negligent when it marked out the paths for pedestrians, cyclists, and automobiles on the bridge. This means that the City could potentially be responsible for damages if found to be negligent.  Furthermore, this opens New York City up to liability for future bike related injuries, providing Plaintiffs an additional path of recovery. 


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