Man Drives Car Through Staten Island Home on Mother’s Day


An elderly Staten Island woman got an unexpected, and unwanted, Mother’s Day surprise when a man drove his car through her home early in the morning. The man, driving a silver BMW 330i, crashed into her sunroom at high speed, causing significant damage to the structure and the car. Thankfully, however, neither the resident nor the driver was severely injured, although the driver was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

               The accident occurred on Amboy Road in Staten Island at around 2:30 AM, when the driver apparently jumped the curb and slammed into the elderly woman’s home. According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, the car was speeding down the road at a speed of at least 50 miles per hour in the residential area. He sped through an intersection and hit the curb, causing the car to become airborne and impact the home.

               The accident is a good reminder that simply because most people are now sheltering in place at home does not mean they are necessarily safe from reckless drivers. In fact, New York City has seen an overall increase in the number of speeding tickets issued since the quarantine began, with many drivers effectively ignoring traffic laws now that there are fewer cars on the road. People should be cautious, whether at home or on the road, and remember that the coronavirus is not the only danger facing New Yorkers right now.

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