How Can a Crime Result in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?


When you are the victim of a crime, you generally want to hold whoever is responsible for that crime accountable. While this obviously means bringing the perpetrator of the crime to justice, it may also mean holding those persons or entities responsible whose negligence contributed to or directly caused the crime to occur. In some instances, it may be possible to hold property owners and their agents accountable for their failures, which hopefully leads to measures that prevent this criminal activity from occurring in the future.

Why Sue Property Owners For a Crime They Didn’t Commit?

            Generally speaking, all property owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on or around their property. While this typically manifests in the form of more conventional maintenance, such as cleaning up spills or repairing broken floorboards, this also includes the responsibility to protect people from foreseeable criminal activity. A property owner who fails to protect visitors, guests, or customers from crimes may find themselves legally liable for their negligence.

What Sorts of Crimes Can Result in a Lawsuit?

            Most commonly, personal injury lawsuits are brought against property owners when someone suffers serious physical harm, such as in an assault case. It may include people who are victimized by muggers, robbers, or burglars, as well as those who are sexually assaulted. In essence, just about any violent crime that can result in serious injury to someone on someone else’s property could become the basis for a personal injury lawsuit.

What Happens When Property Owners Do Not Have These Measures?

            When property owners fail to have appropriate security measures in place for foreseeable crimes, they place the people on their property in unnecessary danger. A lack of proper lighting or security cameras, for example, can embolden criminals who are more confident they will be able to get away with their crimes. Unlocked doors and windows are also easy points of access for potential criminal activity. A lack of security guards or cameras also means that there is less likely to be someone to observe criminal activity occurring and thus be unable to intervene when a crime does occur.

How Can Property Owners Protect Against Criminal Activity?

            There are a number of security measures property owners can put into place to avoid being sued for a crime that takes place on their property. Some common measures include:

  • Installing security cameras or alarms
  • Hiring security guards
  • Installing lighting in hallways and parking lots
  • Putting bars over windows
  • Installing locks on doors and windows
  • Repairing broken locks and latches

            When property owners fail to take these sorts of basic steps, they place everyone on their property at unnecessary risk of harm. Holding property owners accountable can be difficult. If you or a family member find yourselves to be a victim of a crime, it is  important to speak to a lawyer with knowledge and experience in this area of personal injury law.

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