How Can Construction Accidents Be Prevented?


While many construction accidents are unavoidable, a shocking number of them happen due to preventable causes. Often, these accidents are the result of negligence on the part of construction contractors or construction site owners, who fail to do what they are supposed to do to protect workers from harm. Here are just some of the ways that construction accidents might be prevented:


  1. Performing regular safety inspections
    • State and federal safety regulations require performing safety inspections of both a construction site and all construction equipment before construction can begin. However, a shocking number of construction site owners and contractors forgo these inspections, either putting them off far longer than they should or ignoring the need for inspections entirely. By performing inspections as they should, they can more easily identify potential safety issues and prevent them from becoming a problem.
  2. Providing adequate safety equipment to workers
    • Another way construction accidents could be prevented is by ensuring all workers have adequate safety gear. Construction contractors are supposed to ensure their workers are provided with hard hats, insulated gloves, protective masks, and anything else they need to safely work on the site. By adhering to this safety standard, construction workers can be protected from some of the most common types of construction accidents.
  3. Keeping equipment and vehicles well-maintained
    • Over time, even the best equipment can fail as a result of regular wear and tear. If they are not properly maintained, they may break or malfunction, which can potentially result in accidental injury. By ensuring all equipment and vehicles are well maintained, construction contractors can prevent breakdowns and mechanical failures that may endanger workers. 
  4. Installing fall protection in elevated work areas
    • Falling accidents account for more injuries than any other type of accident, not just on construction sites but across all injuries. These accidents often happen due to a lack of fall protection, such as guard rails, safety nets, or personal arrest systems. By ensuring adequate fall protection is available, construction contractors can minimize the risk of harm that falling poses to their workers.
  5. Training workers on proper safety procedures
    • Almost all construction equipment sold today has safety measures intended to protect workers from accidental injury. However, workers must still be trained on the safe handling of equipment and vehicles to know how to operate them safely. Investing in proper training to educate workers on safety procedures is an important way to maximize the benefit of these safety measures, while minimizing the risk of construction accidents to workers.


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