Five Ways Negligent Employers Cause Workplace Accidents


Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure their workplace is safe for their employees to work in. When they fail to do what they are supposed to do, it can lead to otherwise avoidable accidents that can cause serious injuries, or even deaths. Here are five ways that negligent employers can cause workplace accidents:

  1. Failing to provide adequate safety equipment
    • One of the most important aspects of workplace safety is ensuring that workers have any protective gear they need to avoid workplace hazards. This is especially important in industries like construction, where there are potentially dangerous conditions that can easily result in harm. When employers do not provide safety equipment, they make workplace accidents far more likely.
  2. Failing to perform proper maintenance
    • Buildings, just like anything else, can fall into disrepair over time, and need proper maintenance to ensure they do not break. Failing to perform appropriate maintenance in the workplace can lead to floors that are too weak to hold a person’s weight, or utilities that break when people use them. When negligent employers do not perform adequate maintenance, it is often employees that suffer the consequences.
  3. Failing to put up warning signs
    • Even low-risk workplaces can have potential hazards, ranging from wet areas that have been recently mopped, to utility rooms with high voltage panels or dangerously hot boilers or furnaces. While it is not always possible to remove these hazards, it is possible to signpost them to ensure people take proper precautions around them. When employers fail to put up adequate warning signs, they place their employees at a high risk of injury.
  4. Failing to secure hazardous materials
    • Many workplaces involve the use of potentially hazardous substances, including things that are potentially flammable, caustic, or poisonous. Handling these potentially dangerous materials can be difficult, and unfortunately, not every employer handles these dangerous materials with adequate care. When employers are careless with hazardous materials, they increase the risk of workplace accidents, which can lead to serious injury or illness.
  5. Failing to deal with exhausted employees
    • Employers often like to work their employees as hard as they can, to ensure maximum possible productivity. This comes at a cost, however, as exhausted employees also tend to be more prone to workplace accidents. When employers do not take care to ensure their employees are getting adequate breaks and rest, they place those employees at a high risk of injury.

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