Five Ways Construction Contractors Endanger Their Employees


Construction contractors have a legal duty to their employees to ensure they are adequately protected from foreseeable sources of harm. Far too often, contractors will be too lax with adherence to proper safety protocols, putting the lives of construction workers at risk. Here are five ways construction contractors commonly put the lives of their workers in danger:

  1. Failing to provide safety gear
    • Construction contractors have a legal responsibility to ensure their workers are furnished with the protective equipment they need. These include insulated gloves, protective goggles, hardhats, and other measures intended to prevent some of the most common sources of injury. Some contractors will refuse to provide that protective equipment, or otherwise require employees to furnish their own protective gear. When this happens, it makes them more likely to become the victims of construction accidents.
  2. Failing to put up warning signs for known hazards
    • Warning signs may seem like a silly thing to worry about, but on construction sites, they are essential for avoiding potentially deadly hazards. This could include warning people away from sites prone to cave-ins, or warning of the presence of flammable or toxic chemicals. When contractors are not diligent and fail to put up appropriate warning signs, it significantly increases the chance of an accident.
  3. Failing to perform required inspections
    • Just about every part of a construction site is supposed to undergo inspections, from the site itself, to the materials used in construction, to the equipment being used by the workers. These inspections help to identify potential problems that could result in accidental injury. However, conducting regular inspections is costly and time-consuming, and some contractors will cut corners on them, increasing the risk of harm to workers.
  4. Circumventing lockout/tagout systems
    • One of the most common sources of injury on construction sites is from electrocution. Often, these electrocutions occur because of accidental contact with electrical equipment, especially those with exposed wiring or circuitry. Special systems, known as lockout or tagout systems, are meant to prevent these kinds of injuries, but some employers will circumvent them, endangering their workers.
  5. Failing to clean up around the construction site
    • Construction sites naturally accumulate a lot of debris.This debris may seem like an insignificant issue, but failing to clean up around the site can lead to people tripping on whatever happens to be around. This can lead to slips, falls, or even objects falling on people from high up, resulting in potentially severe injuries.

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