Five Major Risk Factors That Lead to Pedestrian Accidents


Among all types of motor vehicle accidents, none are quite so dangerous as pedestrian accidents. No other type of accident, except perhaps motorcycle accidents, has the same rate of severe injury or death as a pedestrian accident. However, there are many risk factors that make pedestrian accidents more likely. Here are some of the biggest factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents:


  1. Driving at night
    • Pedestrians are disproportionately more likely to be injured by a motor vehicle when walking at nighttime than they are during the day. The reason for this is simple: at night, a drivers’ visibility is poor, and they are much more likely to overlook or not see pedestrians in front of them. While wearing reflective clothing when a pedestrian may help, this only reduces the potential risk, rather than negating it entirely.
  2. Poor weather conditions
    • Another common issue seen in pedestrian accidents is poor weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice can all create hazardous conditions that can cause a vehicle to lose control, causing them to accidentally hit a pedestrian. In addition, fog can severely reduce visibility, making it easy for someone not to see a pedestrian in front of them until it is too late. Drivers should drive slower to compensate, but they do not always do so, and it is often pedestrians that pay the price.
  3. Failing to yield right of way
    • Pedestrians will generally, always have the right of way at marked intersections or crosswalks. However, some drivers either forget this or simply do not care, and will try to drive through an intersection or crosswalk regardless of whether they have the right of way. This impulsiveness or confusion can become very tragic, very quickly.
  4. Failing to check for pedestrians in the road
    • While crosswalks and intersections are the main places that people cross the street, there is always a risk of someone running out into the road, especially children. Of course, this assumes that drivers are checking for pedestrians at all. Drivers are supposed to be aware of the risk of pedestrians in the road and take special caution not to hit people in places where children play or where people commonly cross the road. Failing to do so substantially increases the risk of a pedestrian accident.
  5. Driving under the influence (DUI)
    • Finally, one of the biggest potential risk factors that can lead to pedestrian accidents is driving under the influence, also known as DUI. While this is often conflated with drunk driving, the fact of the matter is that DUI applies to any intoxicating substance that hinders people’s ability to exercise judgment or react to circumstances on the road. This includes legal intoxicants, as well as prescription medications that can have an intoxicating effect. Anyone who is suffering from intoxication should not drive, because they place themselves and everyone around them at an unacceptable risk of an auto accident.

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