Fatal Car Crash in Queens, New York


What began as an innocent celebration of a young girls' birthday, turned devastating after four New York college students perished as the result of an automobile accident in Queens, New York. The crash prompted a criminal investigation and prompted New York City to reexamine its traffic signage.

The accident occurred on the evening of April 4, 2014, while all five students were returning from a birthday celebration. The driver and only survivor, admitted to Police that he was speeding when he blew past two signs reading “Dead End.” The vehicle ultimately plummeted into the 10-feet deep water, trapping all but the driver inside.

All four students were pronounced dead at local hospitals, and according to the medical examiner’s office, the official cause of death was drowning. Although the deaths were ruled an accident, Queens DA Richard Brown said his office is “actively investigating the accident.” The driver, who had no alcohol in his system, has not been charged in the accident, but many have expressed concerns about his speed and judgment on that fatal night.

Not only has the incident sparked a criminal investigation but it has also turned the spotlight on the City in regards to its signage. The New York Department of Transportation Commissioner promised to "take a real systematic evaluation of all the roadways that end at creeks or end at railroad tracks and take a look at the signage and make sure we're looking around and seeing what needs to be repaired.” The Commissioner also encouraged New Yorkers to report dangerous roads by calling 311. It is unknown if any liability will be attributed to the city as the investigation is still pending.

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