Fan Sues Baseball Team After Being Struck in Head by T-Shirt Cannon


On a summer day in June, a man was attending a Mets game with his kids, when he was suddenly hit in the face by a t-shirt launched from a t-shirt cannon. While this may sound amusing, the injury was anything but funny. The man was struck so hard by the t-shirt that he allegedly fell unconscious and suffered both a concussion and a detached retina as a result of the impact. He has now sued the Mets for the injury that he incurred, which he says has permanently damaged his eye and consequently impaired his vision.

T-shirt cannons have long been a source of controversy as well as lawsuits, as these devices- which are used to propel t-shirts into the audience of sports games and other festive events- are known to cause injury to those who are hit directly by its “ammunition.” In fact, the Houston Astros are currently fighting a similar lawsuit from an incident that occurred in July of 2018. This incident resulted in a woman suffering a broken finger. Although these injuries are obvious, the lawsuits often run into difficulties when trying to prove liability against the sports franchises.

One of the major impediments to these sorts of suits is known as the “baseball rule.” It is a presumption that people who go to baseball games assume some risk that they will be injured, whether by a fly ball or by a t-shirt cannon. Because of this rule, it is often difficult to receive compensation for many injuries sustained at a baseball game, since the teams argue that such injuries are just a part of the risk of attending a game. However, this suit hopes to contest that rule, and perhaps get the use of t-shirt cannons banned entirely due to the inherent danger they pose to fans.

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