COVID-19 Quarantine Has Led to an Increase in Speeding Tickets in NYC


The coronavirus pandemic has caused many significant changes in people’s lifestyles, with most people now staying home whenever possible. This has significantly reduced rush hour traffic and has led to fewer vehicles on the road. Many of us may have also seen a temporary reduction in our car insurance premiums for vehicles that we are barely using. However, the reduction in traffic has also brought about some changes to the traffic habits of those still on the road. Some drivers have taken advantage of this sudden freedom on the roads by breaking speed limits and taking unnecessary risks to make record time.

According to a recent New York Times article, speeding tickets have nearly doubled in New York since quarantine measures were first put into place back in March. The empty streets have caused some to simply go as fast as they want. Increased free-time and less congested streets have also brought out drag racers who use mostly vacant roads as improvised racetracks, racing cars and motorcycles through our neighborhoods. Although our police officers have stepped up patrols and have been issuing more speeding tickets to those offending drivers, it is impossible for them to eliminate all risks and completely stop this dangerous and sometimes reckless behavior.

While there have been far fewer motor vehicle crashes since the quarantine began, dropping about 63% between March and April, the remaining crashes have tended to be at higher speeds than before. This has resulted in the average car crash becoming far more dangerous, with more severe injuries and a greater risk of fatalities. This pattern is especially troubling as the weather continues to improve and as pedestrian and bicycle traffic becomes more prevalent.

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