Construction Worker Deaths and Injuries on the Rise in New York City


“Construction has become the deadliest job in New York City,” claims a report from CBS New York, and the statistics show this isn’t just hyperbole. There have been 16 work-related accidents in construction in the past year in New York City, which is more than any other industry, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. However, even when a construction accident isn’t fatal, it can still be quite dangerous and life-altering, such as when nine construction workers were exposed to carbon monoxide at a construction site in February.

While there doesn’t seem to be one specific cause for the increasing number of accidents and deaths, there are several factors that have been pointed to as potential explanations. For one, there is simply more construction in New York City now than there has been in previous years, and an increase in construction projects necessarily means an increase in construction accidents. However, others have pointed to cost-cutting practices, which result in relaxed safety measures that are intended to prevent injuries and deaths on construction sites. Others blame the increased injuries and deaths on construction companies relying on cheap labor, who tend to be less skilled and, thus, more accident-prone.

Whatever the reason for these accidents, it doesn’t change the fact that work-place accidents are rising and can cause serious harm, both to the injured worker and their families. The Brooklyn personal injury attorneys at Georgaklis & Mallas, PLLC are experienced in representing clients who have been seriously injured, and the surviving family members of those who have been fatally injured, as a result of a construction accident. The firm’s accomplished personal injury lawyers strive to secure full and appropriate compensation for their clients’ injuries. With two law offices conveniently located in New York City, our New York personal injury lawyers are available to represent clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys at (718) 238-2400 or fill out our contact form