Brooklyn Building Collapses During Construction


An increase in construction around New York City and its surrounding boroughs is generally viewed as a sign of an economic rebound. In recent years, New York has seen a dramatic increase in residential high-rise construction, hotel redevelopment, the initiation of large transportation projects, as well as an increase in construction projects in general. It is certainly a good economic indicator for New Yorkers that we are starting new buildings and that construction workers are given more opportunities in their profession. However, the increase of work often results in an increase in construction related injuries, as demonstrated by a building collapse late February 2014.

Eight construction workers were seriously injured when a three-story building collapsed in Brooklyn, New York. According to the FDNY, the collapse occurred as construction workers were working on the third floor of the Prospect Place building completing demolition inside. Around 1pm, without warning, the men fell from the third floor crashing all the way down to the first floor.

Residents in the area allegedly warned that the structure was unsafe and described the building as being “decrepit” and “unstable.” OSHA is investigating and the Buildings Department has shut down the work site until further notice.

If a building's foundation is not strong, performing demolition work will often lead to a structural collapse. If residents in the area were aware of this condition, it logically follows that a thorough examination of the building prior to the work should have revealed the safety concerns as well.

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