Auto Mechanic Negligence May Cause A Crash


Under certain circumstances, an auto mechanic and repair shop may be held liable for a crash when an improper repair causes an accident. Auto mechanic negligence can lead to a serious accident that results in life-threatening injuries.

In New York State, a person may file a claim against an auto mechanic under the theory of negligence. Under a negligence theory, a plaintiff will assert the following:

  • The auto mechanic owed a duty to the plaintiff when he or she dropped their car off for repair; 
  • The auto mechanic breached this duty; 
  • The auto mechanic’s breach caused the accident; and
  • The plaintiff suffered injuries as a result of the breach.


Auto repair negligence includes: 

  • The mechanics failure to perform the work requested by a customer;
  • Using a defective product;
  • Failing to prevent damage occurring to the customers vehicle while in the shop’s possession;
  • Failing to properly place or reassemble the vehicle;
  • Failing to identify worn out or broken parts within the vehicle;
  • Failing to identify structural problems;
  • Damaging a vehicle while working on it; and
  • Invalidating a vehicle warranty as a result of improper work, among others. 


If you or someone you love has had auto repair work on a vehicle and was later injured in an automobile accident as the result of an improper repair, it is important to contact an experienced New York personal injury attorney that may fight for the compensation you deserve.  The Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Georgaklis & Mallas, PLLC are experienced in representing clients in serious motor vehicle accident injury matters. Our Brooklyn injury lawyers can protect your legal rights and fight for the compensation you and your family deserve. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers, call (718) 238-2400.