83 year-old pedestrian woman miraculously survives a dangerous collision with a taxi cab


On the morning of July 1st, 2014, near Columbus Ave and W. 60th Street, an elderly woman was struck by a Ford Escape Hybrid taxi cab while walking her bicycle across the street.

Luckily, two workers on a coffee break witnessed the incident and rushed to help her. In a phenomenal display of strength, the workers were able to lift the taxi cab up off the ground and remove the woman from beneath it.

FDNY medics transported the woman to Bellevue Hospital where she was treated for a broken wrist and several fractures to her right leg.

While police are still investigating the crash, they do not believe there is any evidence of criminality.  However, the woman and her family retain the right to sue for medical expenses and pain and suffering. 

This incident marks a trend in pedestrian-related accidents in the New York City Area. Reports suggest that 2014 is on track to a have a record number of pedestrian-related fatalities, surpassing the number of last year’s 173 reported fatalities.  Traffic research suggests that a pedestrian hit by a vehicle at 25 mph has a 10% chance of being killed. At 30 mph, the fatality rate increases to 20%.

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