5 Injured from Police Chase


Usually when the police are around you feel safe and acquire a sense of security. And when a suspected wrongdoer flees the scene, the police work hard to catch those among us who have done wrong. But when should the chase end, if there is a chase at all? Many argue that police chases should be banned for posing a grave danger to the public. However, although they are rare, police chases do occur and when they do, the consequences can be threatening.

A sad example happened just this July. An overnight car chase through the streets of Rochester New York resulted in a multiple vehicle accident, leading to injuries sustained by five people.

The incident took place when a Rochester Police officer and a New York State Police trooper attempted to stop a vehicle in the area of Hudson Avenue and Roycroft Drive. The vehicle was being pulled over for several violations, including illegally tinted windows as well as a missing taillight. When police turned their lights on, the suspect began to flee the scene.

At this time, the vehicle traveled at a high rate of speed before eventually striking another car at a busy intersection. The severe impact of the accident caused the suspect's vehicle to roll over, which subsequently crashed into a nearby home. A third vehicle was involved in the accident when it was struck. Upon rolling over, this vehicle hit a parked car which had three people inside.

According to a representative for the New York State Police, troopers are responsible for considering a variety of factors before chasing a suspect. However, the chase and subsequent accident happened so fast that the trooper did not have time to call off the chase. No investigation is pending, but the incident has shined a light on the issue of police car chases and the dangers they pose to the public.