Amusement Parks…..Sometimes Not So Amusing


Many New York families take advantage of the many themed parks and amusement parks in the area during the summer months. The weather is nice, the children are enjoying the outdoors, and the family friendly atmosphere invites families into a safe atmosphere….or so you think. A recent study has found that rides at such parks injure 4,400 children in the United States each year. From 1990 to 2010, nearly 93,000 kids ages 17 and under went to hospital emergency rooms for ride-related injuries -- most during the spring and summer months, when amusement parks are busiest.

Many of the injuries include bruises, bumps, and sprains due to getting on and off the rides. However, there is still a significant number that are attributed serious malfunctions of the rides. More than 30 percent of the injuries were related to falls, and more than half of those cases involved kids under 5. Nearly 18 percent of the incidents involved a child hitting a body part on a ride or being hit by something, while others occurred when a child was caught in a ride. Children’s heads and necks were the most frequently harmed body parts and overall, soft tissue damage was the most common type of injury, followed by strains and sprains, fractures and concussions.

Although there are steps that you as a parent should take to ensure your child’s safety, such as: always using the safety equipment provided, supervising your children when they are getting on and off a ride, and not letting your child on a ride if they're too tired to comply with safety procedures. The amusement park itself is responsible for your child’s safety as well.

When someone is injured due to poor maintenance of an area that's open to the public, the injured may be compensated for damages through a premises liability lawsuit against the owner or operator. The law in these cases is quite complicated, however. New York residents who have been injured at an amusement park or any other area opened to the public such as: a stairwell, a store, or a slip on another person's property should get help understanding their legal options and contact an attorney today.